Family Service Day

Our 4th annual Family Service Day, Friday, October 7th is an opportunity to collectively demonstrate our year-long theme of Discipleship, Participation is mandatory for students of St. Albert the Great at Assumption Academy, and parents are strongly encouraged to join alongside their child(ren). For any students/families truly unable to participate with the school on October 7, an alternative for conducting at-home service the weekend of Oct 7-9 is an option.



Some slots just opened up in our SignUp Genius for anyone still looking to jump on board with a project on Oct 7.

Parents, please do not claim a slot for yourself. We are using the slots to account for & track students, not parents (except in the case of the “Adult Parent Captain” slots, which are listed separately). Signups are being scrubbed now, and parents who grabbed a slot(s) for themselves are being removed & contacted. Slots claimed for those parents’ students are not impacted. Parents should review the SignUp Genius to make sure their students’ names are listed as expected, and contact [email protected] immediately if you have a question/concern. New projects & slots are no longer being developed and added, so the planning team can focus on what’s ahead.

If you signed up to be one of the Adult Parent Captains in the SignUp Genius, stay tuned – helpful instructions are coming your way in a matter of days.

If you have been unable to sign up for a project, it is assumed your student will not be in attendance on Oct 7, and that your family will conduct at-home service sometime Oct 7-9 and submit the At-Home Service Report the week of Oct 10. (Families serving from home are still encouraged to attend the 8:30am Prayer Service on Oct 7, if available.)


We ask all parents to follow the 3 steps below to participate! 


Morning Transportation – Morning transportation/buses runs as per usual on Oct 7. However, all students must be picked up at Noon. There is no afternoon busing, Before Care, or After Care on Oct 7.

8:00am - 8:15am – The day begins at 8am with quiet and reverent Arrival & Attendance in the back of the church.


8:15am – Rosary


8:30am – Prayer Service will start at 8:30am.


9:15am/9:30am -  Service Projects – At the end of the Prayer Services, students will set out to accomplish their service projects, shepherded by the Adult Captain designated for each and the participating parents.


11:00am – Special programming is being planned for the 11am hour in the gym. This will include a mix of quiet reflection, reporting & sharing, group prayer, and a final send-off. As various projects come to and end, students can begin calmly & quietly gathering in the school gym for this hour of programming as early as 11am. It is ideal that all students are back on site (if they were serving off site) and back in the gym no later than 11:30am.


12:00pm – Students leave school with their attending parents/guardians (or are picked up by their parents/guardians).


Step 1: Complete & return the Family Participation Form, indicating if your student(s) will be participating in Family Service Day via school Oct 7 or at home the weekend of Oct 7-9

Forms can be turned into the school office or emailed to [email protected] -Subject: Student Name(s) Grade(s) ex: Subject: Jane Doe, Gr2

Step 2: Sign up by 11:59pm on Monday, September 26 for a project for you and your child!

**Please note the “Adult Captain” slot for each project. We need 1 Adult Captain per project. Adult Captains will receive helpful information ahead of Oct 7 so they can shepherd the project.*  

If project slots fill quickly, please do not fret, we will continue to develop and add opportunities.

Students serving OFF-SITE must be with their parent/guardian! For students participating Oct 7 that will not have a parent/guardian with them, please sign up for on-site activities only. Projects labeled “OFF-SITE” are open only to students attending with their own parent/guardian. School is not providing transportation for off-site projects and will not allow students to leave the campus without their parent/guardian.

Step 3: If you will participate with at-home service the weekend of Oct 7-9, please complete the At-Home Family Service Report and submit it to the School Office labeled “At-Home Family Service” c/o Annie Dorsey by Friday, October 14th. To get your creative service juices flowing, we’ve compiled a list of 18 Ideas & Suggestion for At-Home Service. Please do not feel limited by this list, and feel free to serve in a way that demonstrates Discipleship and is special or unique to your know-how or network.




Forms can be turned into the school office or emailed to [email protected] -Subject: Student Name(s) Grade(s) ex: Subject: Jane Doe, Gr2

 If you have questions or feedback, please email [email protected]