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Our Staff

St. Albert the Great at Assumption Academy is comprised of a dedicated group of teachers, religious instructors, and administrative personnel who ensure the spiritual, emotional, and mental development of the students. Our faculty is comprised of:

Educational Team
Our students benefit from the knowledge and experience of an outstanding educational team. All classroom teachers are licensed by the State of Ohio and hold Bachelor’s Degrees; 33% of our faculty also hold Master’s Degrees in their field. Classroom teachers work closely with our 21 Certified Professional Staff to ensure that each student receives a quality, Christ-centered education.

Spiritual Team
The Fr. Justin and Fr. Louis visit the classrooms weekly and provide religious instruction. In addition, they assist with school Prayer Services and weekly Masses.

Instructional Specialist Team
STREAM Teacher – Music Teacher – Technology Coordinator – Spanish Teacher – Physical Education  – Teacher – Band Instructor – Librarian – Support Staff – Registered Nurse – Speech Language Pathologist – Remedial  – Teacher – Intervention Tutor – School Counselor

Grade / Subject Name E-Mail Phone Ext.
440-526-4877 x
Head of School
St. Albert the Great at Assumption Academy
Mr. Edward Vittardi [email protected] 440-237-1032
Principal Mr. Rick Kaliszewski [email protected] 233
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Kelley Mocho [email protected] 241
Secretary Mrs. Karen Fox [email protected] 232
School Nurse Susan Durichko

[email protected]

Director of Youth Ministry Mr. Ryan Bagley [email protected] 258
Director of Religious Education Miss Mary Zabrecky [email protected] 230
DRE Secretary Mrs. Jeanette Provenzale [email protected] 229
Preschool 3's and 4's Mrs. Kristen Dziedziak [email protected] 218
PreK Mrs. Christine Siegel [email protected] 253
Kindergarten Mrs. Erica Yacobozzi [email protected] 252
1 Mrs. Tessa Reeths [email protected] 238
2 Ms. Colleen Cato [email protected] 235
3 Mrs. Coletta Thellmann [email protected] 239
4 Ms. Sarah Cvitkovich [email protected] 240
5 Mrs. Theresa Kirby [email protected] 236
6 Mrs. Diane Flower [email protected] 264
7 Mrs. Tracy Gutkowski [email protected] 263
8 Mr. Robert Brownfield [email protected] 262
Jr. High Science & Math Mrs. Vivien Tabak [email protected]  261
Music Mrs. Elizabeth Wortman [email protected] 246
Gym Mrs. Amber Bockleman [email protected]  251
Art (K-5) Mrs. Dawn Broadway [email protected] 250
Art (6-8) / Technology Mrs. Amy Schneider [email protected] 245/250
Learning Commons/STREAM Mrs. Sharon Schreiner [email protected] 247
Spanish Mrs. Shelly Orzel [email protected] 255
Preschool Aide Mrs. Laura Barwacz [email protected] 253
Preschool Aide Mrs. Meg Canfield [email protected] 218
Kindergarten Aide Mrs. Mary Corbo [email protected] 252
Orchestra Mrs. Carrie Woodie

[email protected]

Learning Center Clerk Mrs. Deborah Cichra [email protected]  
Intervention Specialist Mrs. Gina Tannenbaum [email protected] 251
School Counselor Mrs. Mary Dolejs [email protected] 234
Reading Intervention Mrs. Christi Burger [email protected] 256
Speech Pathologist Ms. Eileen Harrigan [email protected]  
Intervention Aide Mrs. Liz Arms [email protected]  
Cafeteria Manager Mrs. Terri Flanagan [email protected] 248
Facility Manager Mr. Jim Jarosz [email protected] 226


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