“Where the Light of Christ Shines”

Anchored in faith and inspired by our Heavenly Mother Mary, St. Albert the Great at Assumption Academy works in partnership with the Catholic Church and school families to nurture the whole child, developing the potential of students as global ambassadors in God’s world.

The first years of life are of vital importance to a child’s growth and development. Foundations are laid that influence their self-acceptance and ability to relate to others and respond positively to the environment. Family relationships provide a young child with the best model for developing attitudes, values, and behavior. Interactions with other adults and children are extremely important and promote ways for a child to relate to the world around them.

Early childhood education provides the transition from home to a school atmosphere. Research indicates these early years are crucial for learning, and in fact, form the basis for all future learning. A Catholic preschool program provides a creative learning environment for young children. Interaction with other children and adults, in an atmosphere of Christian love and concern, promotes the healthy development of each child. Learning and play activities encourage spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical growth.

The child should:

  • Develop a positive self-image and acknowledge
    his/her self-worth
  • Develop basic social skills
  • Increase independence
  • Develop trust in adults other than his/her parents/guardians
  • Enjoy being part of a group and accept the need to share and cooperate
  • Respect the rights of others and defend his/her own rights
  • Develop a desire to learn
  • Become aware of the fact that he/she is a child of God and will grow in His love
  • Attend school on a regular basis


  • To communicate the gospel message of Jesus
  • To provide instruction in religious truths and in such a way that they become an integral part of the daily routine
  • To present an academic and religious program that includes religion, math and reading readiness, science, social studies, technology integration, art appreciation, music and library