Faith In Action

Wonderful Examples of Faith in Action!

On September 16th at recess, Gwen saw another student that was upset. Without hesitation she went over and comforted this student and gave him a pep talk. His tears turned into smiles because of her. Gwen was given a rosary and certificate of appreciation for honoring the Viking Code!!

5th grader, Brett, found a $20 bill while playing outside during recess. Without hesitation he did the right thing and turned it in to the office. The next day a student in a different class reported losing book fair money. That $20 was returned to the student that lost it. Brett was given a rosary and an award of appreciation for honoring the Viking Code!

The strong young women of the 6th grade basketball team from St. Albert the Great at Assumption Academy built picnic tables for Habitat for Humanity.  Thank you for your hard work, ladies!  These picnic tables will be gifted to a Partner Family at their home dedication.