Parent CORPS

We welcome any interested parents of Assumption students to join and participate in all we offer!  

Parent CORPS (Committee of Responsible Parent Support) is a group of parents dedicated to the Assumption Academy community. Our mission is to promote, serve, and financially support St. Albert the Great at Assumption Academy. We assist in providing:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Social Interaction
  • Financial Assistance
  • Services to enhance the quality of St. Albert the Great at Assumption Academy



2023-2024 Parent CORPS Meeting Dates
***All Parent CORPS meetings run from 7-8 p.m. in the Fellowship Room***

Click HERE to view the entire Parent CORPS meeting minutes document. 

Monday, August 28th
Monday, September 18th
Monday, October 23rd
Monday, November 13th
Wednesday, January 24th
Tuesday, February 13th
Wednesday, March 20th
Wednesday, April 17th
Wednesday, May 22nd

2023-2024 Executive Board Members

President:  Dave Sholtis Pastor:  Rev. Justin Dyrwal, OSB
Vice President:  Kristin Smigelski Principal:  Richard Kaliszewski
Treasurer:  Dave Croft Parish Business Manager:  Allyn Pytel
Asst. Treasurer:  Melanie Thuemling Strategic Liaison:  Tina Ciocca
Recording Secretary:  Jenn Young  
Corresponding Secretary:  Adrienne Turner  
Room Parent Coordinator:  Jessica Halscheidt