Our Staff

Assumption Academy is comprised of a dedicated group of teachers, religious instructors, and administrative personnel who ensure the spiritual, emotional, and mental development of the students. Our faculty is comprised of:

Educational Team

Our students benefit from the knowledge and experience of an outstanding educational team. All classroom teachers are licensed by the State of Ohio and hold Bachelor's Degrees; 33% of our faculty also hold Master's Degrees in their field. Classroom teachers work closely with our 21 Certified Professional Staff to ensure that each student receives a quality, Christ-centered education.

Spiritual Team

The Pastor and Deacon visit the classrooms weekly and provide religious instruction. In addition, they assist with school Prayer Services and weekly Masses.

Instructional Specialist Team
  • Visual Arts Teacher
  • Music Teacher
  • Technology Coordinator
  • Spanish Teacher
  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Band Instructor
  • Librarian
  • Support Staff
  • Registered Nurse
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Remedial Teacher
  • LD Tutor
Our Faculty
Class Name (click to view staff bio) E-Mail Address
Pre-Kindergarten Miss Ann Koloze ann.koloze@assumptionacademy.org
Kindergarten Ms. Mary Zabrecky mary.zabrecky@assumptionacademy.org
1st Mrs. Maureen Hamzik maureen.hamzik@assumptionacademy.org
2nd Mrs. Holly Gendics holly.gendics@assumptionacademy.org
3rd Mrs. Kristina Pressler kristina.pressler@assumptionacademy.org
4th Mrs. Laura Ritz laura.ritz@assumptionacademy.org
4th Mrs. Christine Czajka christine.czajka@assumptionacademy.org
5th HR/ELA Mrs. Laura Blakely laura.blakely@assumptionacademy.org
6th HR/Language Arts Mrs. Tracy Gutkowski tracy.gutkowski@assumptionacademy.org
7th HR/Math Mrs. Marilou Silvestro marilou.silvestro@assumptionacademy.org
7th HR/Science Mr. Michael Purnell michael.purnell@assumptionacademy.org
8th HR/Social Studies Mrs. Diane Flower diane.flower@assumptionacademy.org
6/7/8 Math Ms. Amy Lemmer amy.lemmer@assumptionacademy.org
Technology Ms. Emily Humphrey emily.humphrey@assumptionacademy.org
STREAM Coordinator Mrs. Sharon Schreiner sharon.schreiner@assumptionacademy.org
Library Mrs. Jane Luke jane.luke@assumptionacademy.org
Math Intervention Mrs. Kelly Schroeder kelly.schroeder@assumptionacademy.org
Spanish Mrs. Shelly Orzel shelly.orzel@assumptionacademy.org
Music Mrs. Elizabeth Wortman elizabeth.wortman@assumptionacademy.org
Physical Education Mrs. Haley Checovich haley.checovich@assumptionacademy.org
Art Ms. Michelle Szegedy michelle.szegedy@assumptionacademy.org
Band Ms. Karen DiCarlo karen.dicarlo@assumptionacademy.org
Speech Pathologist Ms. Eileen Harrigan eileen.harrigan@assumptionacademy.org
Accelerated Reading Ms. Sandy Kovacs sandy.kovacs@assumptionacademy.org
Rdg Intervention Mrs. Christi Burger christi.burger@assumptionacademy.org
Principal Mrs. Joanne LoPresti sch_assumption@dioceseofcleveland.org